how to spit wine

How to spit wine

I often get asked about how to spit wine when I give classes and tastings. So I wanted to share a quick easy-to-implement guide for you here!

First, why spitting wine?

Sometimes when I teach WSET, people get afraid when we get to the tasting portion. When I tell them that we will spit the wine, some get scared of having to spit wine 😂 They ask me if they really have to because they feel like: 1. it is disgusting, 2. it is not respectful of the work of the producers.

But you know what: it is actually cool to spit wine. Because it is the way to be able to taste several wines without getting drunk! 🥴 And this will allow you to properly assess all the wines you will encounter at a tasting.

Now, of course there are a few reasons why you should swallow the wine you are tasting: 1. it is exceptional, 2. you have a designated driver, 3. you are at home just enjoying wine.

How to spit: step-by-step guide

Take a small sip

First, make sure you have a spittoon/mug near you to spit into. Then, take a small sip of wine in your mouth. You need to have enough to feel the wine, but not too much to not spit it without wanting to.

Swish the wine everywhere

Swish the wine everywhere in your mouth. It needs to go everywhere so you are able to feel every sensation of the wine at different places on your palate. If you want more info on that, make sure you get my free book! I explain everything about it. As I say to my students, think like you are making gargles after brushing your teeth (but mostly on your palate, not your teeth).

Let some air enter your mouth

In order to feel the flavours of the wine, you need to let some air enter your mouth. Again, more on that in my free ebook 😉

Time to spit the wine!

At this point, you will have to spit the wine. So grab that spittoon, round your lips and just spit it! Everyone has its own way of spitting wine. Just do it as you feel! And that is how to spit wine!

Now, I wanna hear from you.

Do you spit wine every time you taste wine? What is your own style for swishing and spitting wine?

Let me know in the comments below!


Alexia Hupin

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