how to identify cork taint

How to identify cork taint: easy & clear!

How to identify cork taint? I’ve heard this question many times during my time as a wine educator. Amongst faults you can find in wine, it’s one of the easiest to detect.

So let’s decipher what is cork taint and how to identify it quickly when tasting a wine!

how to nail your WSET 3 tasting exam with me!

How to nail your WSET 3 tasting exams

Got WSET 3 tasting exams coming your way? Here is how to pass!

1- Know the grade scale and use it well
2- Know the SAT by heart
3- Practice on the typical wines
4- Write dry tasting notes
5- Be in the perfect conditions on your exam day
6- Book a coaching session with me!

Get more details and resources in the article 😉

how to spit wine

How to spit wine

Sometimes when I teach WSET, people get afraid when we get to the tasting portion. When I tell them that we will spit the wine, some get scared of having to spit wine 😂 They ask me if they really have to because they feel like: 1. it is disgusting, 2. it is not respectful of the work of the producers.

But you know what: it is actually cool to spit wine. Because it is the way to be able to taste several wines without getting drunk! 🥴 And this will allow you to properly assess all the wines you will encounter at a tasting.

Let me explain you how!

women noting wine tasting notes on her phone

Women in Wine: what’s it actually like from 8 leading figures #IWD2021

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021👊🏻, I’ve asked 7 top figures of the world of wine to share their view💬 on what’s it like to be #womeninwine today.
My guests are Laura Donadoni aka @theitalianwinegirl (wine journalist, educator & author), Marie-Françoise Devichi aka @mlledevichi (wine producer in Corsica, 6th generation & 1st woman running the estate), Virginie Lopes from @portuliege (CEO of the family business of corks), Senay Ozdemir aka @senay_pr (wine importer, storyteller & founder of @womeninwineexpo), @aureliavisinescu (wine producer for 30 years in Romania), Clara Herrero aka @claraconversa (wine grower in La Rioja, Spain) and @elizabethgabaymw (MW, Educator, consultant & author) ✨👏🏻

Alexia wishing happy new year 2021

Let’s start 2021 like a rocket!! 🚀🚀

I send you my best wishes for this new year!! May 2021 bring you joy, love, health and success!!
I hope it will be magical every day with beautiful gems to sparkle your way.

2020 has been tough and unexpected, but also surprising in a good way! During this intense year, I’ve been forced to slow down and recenter. And I’m thankful for that.
This helped me evolve, both personally and professionally. I’ve been able to check in with myself and implement some stuff that are more aligned with who I am now, who I want to become and what I want to achieve.

That’s why I entirely redesigned my blog last year to offer you a better experience. And that’s why I’m still working on several projects to help you achieve your goals in life…