Alexia wishing happy new year 2021

Let’s start 2021 like a rocket!! 🚀🚀

I send you my best wishes for this new year! Let’s start 2021 on a positive and optimistic note 😉

May 2021 bring you joy, love, health and success!! I hope it will be magical every day with beautiful gems to sparkle your way.

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2020 has been tough and unexpected, but also surprising in a good way! Don’t get me wrong, it’s been intense and challenging in so many ways. But at the same time, great things happened! During this intense year, I’ve been forced to slow down and recenter. And I’m thankful for that.

This helped me evolve, both personally and professionally. I’ve been able to check in with myself and implement some stuff that are more aligned with who I am now, who I want to become and what I want to achieve.

That’s why I entirely redesigned my blog last year to offer you a better experience. And that’s why I’m still working on several projects to help you achieve your goals in life.

During the quick break I took for the holidays, I’ve prepared 2021. What’s most important to me professionally this year is to keep educating you about wine. I’ll keep teaching WSET in person for the third year now, but I want to reach and help more people take their wine game to the next level!

So there are gonna be a few changes with WinebyAlex!!

First of all, I’ll now post twice per week with different types of content:

  • Starting next Monday, you’ll discover each week a WinebyAlex Tips. I’ll share every Monday educational information, from beginner to more advanced levels. These tips will be released in the format of flashcards. They’ll allow you to discover wine and start learning about it, but they’ll also support your learning process if you’re studying wine at a higher level.
  • Every Thursday, I’ll keep sharing my #AskWinebyAlex videos to answer whatever question you have about wine. If you’re not familiar with it yet, you can just share the questions you have about wine with me, and I’ll answer you directly in my weekly YouTube videos.

Now for the bigger surprises…

  • I’m opening coaching sessions! I’m so excited to be able to help you solve your problematics with wine!! I’ll coach you for whatever subjects you want me to help you with: wine discovery, wine tasting, help to develop your Instagram and WSET support… Just click here or send an email to to see how I can help you!
  • The second thing I’m working on is creating online courses for you!! I’ll begin with a starter course in which you’ll discover the basics so you’ll become confident about choosing, tasting and pairing wine. Along the year, I’ll release spotlight courses with more in-depth information to help you evolve and grow your wine knowledge. The final aim is to design a signature course that will accompany you from start to finish in your learning process.

Well, that’s said now! I’ve invested lots of time into this new big step for me, it’s a huge challenge. I’ve also invested into photographic and filming equipment so you enjoy the best possible experience through my content. I feel overwhelmed, but pumped up like never before!!

I can’t wait to help you stop feeling stressed, anxious and judged as soon as the sommelier asks you what wine you want to choose at the restaurant, or overwhelmed in front of the numerous bottles on your wine shop’s shelves. Also can’t wait to see you light up and gleam as you work your way through the obscure-looking world of wine that is actually so fun and fascinating!

Please help me design these courses so they’re tailor-made and really valuable to you!

Go to this form and answer a few questions to help me serve you better. It will only take 5 minutes of your time.

I know how precious your time is so, in order to thank you for taking some of it to help me, I’ll offer a 1-hour coaching session (value of €80) with me to 2 people who took on their time to answer the survey. This giveaway will end on January 18th and I’ll announce the 2 winners on the 19th.

Enter now!!

I wish you a wonderful first week of this new fantastic year!


Alexia Hupin

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