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Women in Wine: what’s it actually like from 8 leading figures #IWD2021

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021👊🏻, I’ve asked 7 top figures of the world of wine to share their view💬 on what’s it like to be #womeninwine today.
My guests are Laura Donadoni aka @theitalianwinegirl (wine journalist, educator & author), Marie-Françoise Devichi aka @mlledevichi (wine producer in Corsica, 6th generation & 1st woman running the estate), Virginie Lopes from @portuliege (CEO of the family business of corks), Senay Ozdemir aka @senay_pr (wine importer, storyteller & founder of @womeninwineexpo), @aureliavisinescu (wine producer for 30 years in Romania), Clara Herrero aka @claraconversa (wine grower in La Rioja, Spain) and @elizabethgabaymw (MW, Educator, consultant & author) ✨👏🏻

Jim Gore on how to be successful in demanding wine studies thanks to its school Global Wine Academy

Here is how to be successful in demanding wine studies, with Jim Gore DipWSET

Available in English + French!

Are you struggling getting prepared for your WSET Diploma and MW exams? Keep reading to get Jim Gore’s tips to be successful in demanding wine studies!

Jim Gore is fascinated with wine since he discovered Burgundy on family holidays.
He completed studies in science but wine caught him up again. He became the youngest manager of an Oddbins store in Edinburgh and gained his Diploma qualification at the same time. Jim spent a few years in his favourite wine region and joined WSET School London as an examination coordinator. He quickly became a wine educator and then principal of the school at 33. Jim helped reforming several courses. So who would be better placed to help wine students prepare for success?

Jim Gore est fasciné par le vin depuis qu’il a découvert la Bourgogne pendant des vacances en famille.

Il a effectué des études scientifiques mais le vin l’a rattrapé à nouveau. Il est devenu le plus jeune manager dans un magasin Oddbins (marchand de vin local) à Edinbourg, tout en passant son Diploma. Jim a ensuite passé quelques années dans sa région favorite avant de rejoindre la WSET School of London en tant que coordinateur des examens. Il est rapidement devenu éducateur puis principal de l’école à 33 ans. Jim a participlé à la réforme de plusieurs cours. Qui serait donc mieux placé pour aider les étudiants à se préparer aux examens ?

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Mystères et Bonnes Bouteilles: follow the inspiring journey of Nicolas Lamothe

Available in English🇺🇸 + French🇫🇷!

Nicolas threw himself into Mystères et bonnes bouteilles’ adventure, which is available since 2016.
This concept offers you a range of different tasting flights. The goal is to blind taste the wines, in groups up to 10 people. Then, you will have to discover each wine’s mysteries thanks to a deft blend of concrete questions and information. You will acquire knowledge about wine, the appellations and regions of production.
In other words, an easily accessible, concrete and affordable concept. It has it all…

Nicolas s’est lancé dans l’aventure Mystères et bonnes bouteilles, accessible depuis 2016.
Ce concept vous permet de choisir parmi plusieurs coffrets de dégustation de vins. Le but est de déguster les vins à l’aveugle, en groupe, et jusqu’à 10 personnes. Il faudra ensuite découvrir les mystères des vins du coffret grâce à un subtil mélange de questions et d’informations très concrètes pour acquérir certaines connaissances sur les vins, les appellations et les régions de production.
Un concept facilement accessible, concret et abordable. Tout pour plaire…

anthony and jean-charles, creators of aubert & mathieu

Aubert & Mathieu on how to make Languedoc wine more meaningful

Available in English🇺🇸 + French🇫🇷!

Languedoc-Roussillon truly does not stop to astonish by its dynamism and freshness!
After a career in finance in Paris for Jean-Charles Mathieu and one in wine marketing between the US and Thailand for Anthony Aubert, the two young men chose their native Languedoc to throw themselves into their own wine merchant adventure in September 2018…

Après une carrière dans la finance à Paris pour Jean-Charles Mathieu et dans le marketing du vin entre les Etats-Unis et la Thaïlande pour Anthony Aubert, c’est dans leur Languedoc natal que les deux jeunes hommes ont décidé de se lancer dans l’aventure de négociants en vin, avec Aubert & Mathieu, en septembre 2018…

how to become a mw: sarah heller mw, glass in hand

How to become a MW: you’ll want to read this one

Available in English🇺🇸 + French🇫🇷!

Sarah Heller, based in Hong Kong, is a Master of Wine (Asia’s youngest one), visual artist, television host and wine expert. She also makes educational wine videos that millions of people have seen and produces a series of wonderful Visual Tasting Notes.

After graduated from Yale University with a fine art degree, Sarah started to work in the wine industry between New York, Hong Kong, France and Italy. She is a partner and buyer for the Almásy Collection, a brand ambassador and design collaborator with Lucaris Crystal, a member of the faculty of the Vinitaly International Academy, the wine editor for Asia Tatler and Chairman of WINE100, China’s largest wine competition. Finally, Sarah is a wine advisor in her own company and a great writer for both local and international publications…

elizabeth gabay tasting wine

A MW’s unique secrets on wine trade: see here

Available in English🇺🇸 + French🇫🇷!

Elizabeth Gabay is a passionate about history and wine. She has a degree in history and also holds a Master of Wine.
Elizabeth has spent years working in the wine trade and writing about it. She is specialized in Provence and pink wines, studying their cultural history and evolution. She even moved from England to south-eastern France in 2002 to keep exploring wines from the area. Last year, Elizabeth published “Rosé: Understanding the Pink Wine Revolution”…

Aucoeur family above vineyards

Beaujolais: 2 things you need to run a vineyard, with Vignoble Aucœur

Available in English🇺🇸 + French🇫🇷!

Today, we are going to the oldest wine estate in Morgon, more precisely in the village of Villié-Morgon. This small town is located in the Rhone at the heart of Beaujolais, nestled in vallons, peaceful forests and rivers.
The estate has been founded in 1825 and is now run by the 11th family generation. The vine, wine, discovery and sharing are all true family passions. This is where we are meeting with Mélanie and Arnaud Aucoeur from Vignoble Aucoeur, a couple of wine lovers producing high-quality Beaujolais from several appellations…

Romain Ott observing a glass of wine

Behind-the-scenes of the Provençal winery Léoube, with Romain Ott (winemaker)

Available in English🇺🇸 + French🇫🇷!

Nestled in the heart of Provence, Château Léoube is an oasis of calm between orchards, olive trees… and vines. The vines are nurtured by the ochre soil, the azure of Mediterranean sea and the sun. A peaceful and delightful background to return to your roots.
No doubt that the Bamford family fell in love with this paradise in 1997.
With an annual production limited to 40,000 bottles, Château Léoube’s wines are fine, natural and elegant. They are made with passion by Romain Ott, the estate’s winemaker since 2000.
Romain Ott is a well-known name among the wine enthusiasts…