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Hi there! I’m Alexia Hupin DipWSET 😉

I am 31 and I live in Provence, the land of rosé. I’m a French wine educator👩🏽‍🏫, blogger, (copy)writer and entrepreneur👩🏽‍💻.

I’ve created @WinebyAlex where I aim at sharing my passion and expertise in a demystified and approachable way. I’ve redesigned my blog to offer a better experience of detailed articles and interviews. I now share my tips in my series #AskWinebyAlex on Youtube! And a lot more fun things to come!!

My driving force, both in physical classes and online, is to see you light up and gleam✨ when you learn something new. I want to inspire you and give you fuel to become more confident when it comes to wine.

When did I fall in love with wine?

I’ve always been passionate about wine, memorizing regions and appellations🗺️ during family gatherings. Therefore I studied hospitality and I remember that one of my favourite classes was oenology🍷 and wine pairings. I’ve worked in hospitality events for 5 years.

However I was missing something: I wanted to do something more useful, fulfilling and that would have an impact on others. So I decided to fully commit to my core passion in 2017. I’ve pursued my endless thirst of knowledge (#winenerd🤓) through all WSET up to the Level 4 Diploma! 

Why do I love wine?

What I love about wine is the diversity and magic it brings to people. It is fascinating how a same grape variety🍇 can give totally different wines if one tiny element changes. People can talk for hours about wine and everyone’s perception is different. Plus, wine knowledge is endless which is pretty amazing (#winenerd 2)!

What are my hopes and dreams for the future?

I hope you’ll enjoy your online experience with me. My dream is to be able to share my knowledge and experience in wine with you so that you become inspired and more confident.

I want to see you win, be happy and fulfilled😊. I love it when my students pass their exam and leave my class excited to take the next step. There’s nothing more heart-warming🥰 than this and feeling useful.

Want to ask something?

Feel free to get in touch with me! Fill in the form below 📨

    Alexia Hupin, with a glass in hand


    Alexia Hupin DipWSET