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Looking for wine & WSET coaching?

I often receive questions from people who need to know more about wine/WSET coaching. I always try to give the most valuable information about:

  1. What level you should choose and why
  2. What you have to expect from the course
  3. How to be prepared before the course starts
  4. Wine tasting practice
  5. How to organise and structure your learning process & revisions
  6. Time management, both in studies and during exams
  7. How to increase your scores and go beyond the course
  8. What are the outcomes of taking WSET
  9. The next steps you need to follow in order to work in wine
  10. My tips to change career (been there too!)

How I can help you with your wine/WSET coaching

I’m a WSET Educator for over 3 years now and I love teaching about wine. I love sharing my passion and helping my students reach their best possible results in the exams.
There’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing my students succeed and be excited to take the next step!

I’m still in touch with most of my former students, who almost all took the superior WSET qualification. Some of them have even changed careers and now work in wine! How fulfilling!!

So I figured out, why not helping you to get to know more about wine and make the most of it?! Whether you just enjoy wine and want that extra knowledge or you want to make it your career, it’s valuable to be supported in the journey you’re about to take!!

That’s why I’m now offering online coaching sessions!

wine wset coaching

Book your online session with me:

I’ll contact you by email to ask you a few questions. This will allow me to create your tailor-made session and serve you better.

P.S.: I often receive questions about wine in general or how to manage an account on Instagram. I’m fully open to help you in these matters as well, just let me know what type of support you need 😉

Not ready to throw yourself into coaching yet? you can start here.


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