Alexia tasting lots of wines


Stop picking the same wine everytime you do to your favourite wine shop!

Be bold and widen your palate with my virtual tastings 😉

You want to:

  • taste wine like a pro?
  • get to know your palate?
  • discover wine types & styles?
  • explore wine regions?
  • expand your knowledge?
  • understand how to pair wine with food?

Join me for a custom virtual tasting from the comfort of your own home!!

(Available both in English & in French)

We will discuss a theme for your experience. You will receive your curated wine list with tasting notes, a tasting mat and a 1-hour Zoom/Skype call with me! You’ll also receive food pairing suggestions for each wine of our call.

  • 1-4 people: €40 per person
  • 5+ people: €35 per person

Examples of wine tasting themes

  • Wine basics
  • French (or Italian) wines
  • Different styles of Chardonnay/Syrah/…
  • Colours of rosé
  • Wines to pair with cheese/chocolate/…
  • Tour around the bubbly world

Pick a date & book your virtual tasting!

Cheers to discovering the world of wine together!

Alexia Hupin

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