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How to nail your WSET 3 tasting exams

Got WSET 3 tasting exams coming your way? Here is how to pass! 1- Know the grade scale and use it well 2- Know the SAT by heart 3- Practice on the typical wines 4- Write dry tasting notes 5- Be in the perfect conditions on your exam day 6- Book a coaching session with me! Get more details and resources in the article ;)

Tasting note Domaine Le Van Secret de Juliette 2016 (Vin de Pays du Vaucluse)

Tasting noteūüáļūüáł / Note de d√©gustationūüáęūüá∑ Do you know the appellation Vin de Pays du Vaucluse? This appellation accounts for a small part of French wine production and is generally of a lower quality than IGPs and AOPs. Today it includes more and more higher quality wines made outside of IGP and AOP regulations. This Domaine Le Van Secret de Juliette 2016 is a great example. Let's have a taste!

Tasting note Domaine Florence Méjan Canto Perdrix 2017 (Tavel)

Tasting noteūüáļūüáł / Note de d√©gustationūüáęūüá∑ Founded in 1936, Tavel is the first AOC specially created for ros√© in France. With their typical darker colour, Tavel wines are rich, spicy and gastronomic. Perfect wines for winter! Let's taste this Domaine Florence M√©jan Canto Perdrix 2017 together ;)

How to make awesome food and wine pairings: read this

In the first episode of #Askwinebyalex of 2021, I've got a question from Alessio: "Alex, can you remind me of the basics of food and wine pairing?". I was actually thinking to do a video about this to refresh the information I gave on previous posts. So let's dive in! ;)

Tasting Note Ch√Ęteau Mentone Excellence Rouge 2015 (C√ītes de Provence)

Tasting noteūüáļūüáł / Note de d√©gustationūüáęūüá∑ Are you looking for tasting notes that: - stimulate your taste buds? - make you feel as if you're tasting the wine you're reading about? - help you shine in society? - support you in your WSET? Then, I've got you covered! ;) Let's start right now with a tasting note on Ch√Ęteau Mentone Excellence Rouge 2015!!

Let’s start 2021 like a rocket!! ūüöÄūüöÄ

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I send you my best wishes for this new year!! May 2021 bring you joy, love, health and success!! I hope it will be magical every day with beautiful gems to sparkle your way. 2020 has been tough and unexpected, but also surprising in a good way! During this intense year, I’ve been forced to slow down and recenter. And I’m thankful for that. This helped me evolve, both personally and professionally. I’ve been able to check in with myself and implement some stuff that are more aligned with who I am now, who I want to become and what I want to achieve. That’s why I entirely redesigned my blog last year to offer you a better experience. And that’s why I’m still working on several projects to help you achieve your goals in life...

How to retain information you learn easily

In today's brand-new episode of #Askwinebyalex, I‚Äôve got a question from Daniel: ¬ę How do you make all that info you learn stick in? ¬Ľ. So if you have wine exams coming, make sure you keep reading to discover my tips to make all the info I learn stick in!

7 winemaking methods you absolutely want to know now

Today you‚Äôre watching a brand-new episode of #Askwinebyalex and I‚Äôve got a question from Elizabeth: ¬ę What techniques are used in winemaking and what are their results on the products? ¬Ľ. That‚Äôs a great question, Elizabeth! It‚Äôs something you need to know to understand the type of wine you‚Äôll have in your glass. So here we go to discover the main techniques winemakers use and their effect on the resulting wines!

Vine growth cycle: How to finally get it (quick and easy)

Today you're about to watch a brand-new episode of #Askwinebyalex and I want to cover something I think is really important to start learning about wine! Have you ever wondered how the vines grow each year? How they produce grapes that'll become wine? Well today I'll get you through the 7 stages of the vine growth cycle!