Tasting note Gran Reserva Rosado 2009 on mobile screen

Tasting note Vina Tondonia Gran Reserva Rosado 2009 (Rioja DOCa)

Did you know there are rare pink wines that are aged for a very long time in barrels and in bottle in Spain?
Let’s taste this 2009 Gran Reserva Rosado together!
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Savais-tu que quelques vins rosés sont vieillis très longtemps en fûts de chêne et en bouteille avant d’arriver sur le marché en Espagne ?
Viens déguster ce Gran Reserva Rosé 2009 avec moi !
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Tasting note Château de Sannes Aciana 2019 (Luberon AOC)

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The Luberon AOC was created in 1988. It produces significant amounts of wine, the main focus being on medium-bodied rosés.
Let’s taste a lovely example from Château de Sannes!

L’AOC Luberon a été créée en 1988. Elle produit de gros volumes de vin, avec un focus sur les vins rosés de corps moyen.
Dégustons ensemble un joli exemple du Château de Sannes!

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Elizabeth Gabay is a passionate about history and wine. She has a degree in history and also holds a Master of Wine.
Elizabeth has spent years working in the wine trade and writing about it. She is specialized in Provence and pink wines, studying their cultural history and evolution. She even moved from England to south-eastern France in 2002 to keep exploring wines from the area. Last year, Elizabeth published “Rosé: Understanding the Pink Wine Revolution”…