how to identify cork taint

How to identify cork taint: easy & clear!

How to identify cork taint? I’ve heard this question many times during my time as a wine educator. Amongst faults you can find in wine, it’s one of the easiest to detect.

So let’s decipher what is cork taint and how to identify it quickly when tasting a wine!

how to spit wine

How to spit wine

Sometimes when I teach WSET, people get afraid when we get to the tasting portion. When I tell them that we will spit the wine, some get scared of having to spit wine 😂 They ask me if they really have to because they feel like: 1. it is disgusting, 2. it is not respectful of the work of the producers.

But you know what: it is actually cool to spit wine. Because it is the way to be able to taste several wines without getting drunk! 🥴 And this will allow you to properly assess all the wines you will encounter at a tasting.

Let me explain you how!

Alex speaking about how to make champagne

How to: the 6 steps that make Champagne outstanding

Welcome to Wine by Alex, the show to watch to take your wine game to the next level!

Today you’re watching a brand-new episode of #Askwinebyalex and I’ve got a question from Julie:
 » I want to know about Champagne winemaking! »

Julie, I’m all passionate about this topic as well! It’s a complex process so I’ll try to break it down in the most simple way possible for you.

Before diving into the process of making Champagne, there are a few things you need to know…